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City Trails: May 25-29

This is part of a series called “City Trails” to track my daily treks around NYC Here’s what I put myself through this week: Monday, May 25 Tuesday, May 26 Wednesday, May 27 Thursday, May 28 Friday, May 29 The maps include distance traveled by walking, subway and cab. What did your week look like? [Keep Reading…]

City Trails: May 18-22

Last Friday I started a new blog series called “City Trails” to track my daily treks around NYC. The response was good so I’m gonna keep it going. Here’s what I put myself through this week: Monday, May 18 Tuesday, May 19 Wednesday, May 20 Thursday, May 21 Friday, May 22 The maps include distance [Keep Reading…]

City Trails: May 11-15

I’ve been realizing this week that I’m a true road warrior. Most days I find myself in all corners of New York City, from TriBeCa to the Upper West Side to Union Square to the West Village and sometimes to DUMBO. So I’ve decided to start a new blog series called “City Trails” to track [Keep Reading…]

Being a consultant is like being an actor

Last August, I quit my full-time job to become an independent consultant. Best professional decision I’ve ever made. But let me tell you the truth: it isn’t for everyone. Recently I was contemplating how to convey the complexities of consulting to people who are considering a career change (that’s a lot of Cs!). Suddenly it [Keep Reading…]

Twitter as group therapy

I was in a foul mood last night. Independent consulting certainly has its perks (and it’s definitely the best decision I’ve made in my career), but sometimes having no one to pat you on the back, tell you when you screwed up, help you improve your designs, help you get out of a sticky situation, [Keep Reading…]

More great press on the boxee NYC meetup

Earlier this week I told you about the 600+ people that attended the boxee NYC meetup at Webster Hall on Tuesday. We’ve gotten some great press since then, and I wanted to share it. First, you can read boxee’s own recap of the event on their blog and check out TechSpank’s video coverage. Also: Boxee [Keep Reading…]

IA Summit 2009: The Courage to Quit

At the IA Summit in Memphis I had the distinct pleasure of participating in a panel titled, “The Courage to Quit: Starting, Growing & Maintaining Your Own UX Business,” along with Sarah Rice, Chris Fahey and Jenn Anderson. Photo taken by John Yesko The description of the panel: Information Architects have an opportunity to structure [Keep Reading…]