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IA Summit 2008: LukeW’s “Content Page Design Best Practices”

I was very happy to have caught the reprise of Luke Wroblewski‘s “Content Page Design Best Practices” at the IA Summit. Thanks to Luke for doing it twice! Here’s what I twittered during the talk: Content = making good on the links that sites deliver across the web Before redesign, Chicago Tribune article page: 24% [Keep Reading…]

IA Summit 2008: Gene Smith’s “Tagging: Five emerging trends”

Gene Smith of nForm is the tagging guru. Having recently published Tagging: People Powered Metadata for the Social Web, he is a veritable encyclopedia of all things metadata. In his talk at IA Summit, Gene identified five emerging trends in the use of tagging online: More structure Automanual folksonomies Leveraging communities Rethinking pace layers Sparking [Keep Reading…]

IA Summit 2008: Brandon Schauer’s “The Long Wow”

Here are my notes from Brandon Schauer‘s talk titled “The Long Wow” at this year’s IA Summit. The pedometer doesn’t change with your life. It’s the same every day Meanwhile, Nike+ integrates with your sneakers, music, computer. It’s increasingly useful the longer you have it Products with the Long Wow have user experience that unfolds [Keep Reading…]

No, that’s not me

If you Google “whitney hess” and find this: You’ll get this: Close-up: But sorry, boys. That’s not me.

IA Summit 2008 Opening Keynote: “Journey to the Center of Design” by Jared Spool

Jared Spool did the opening keynote presentation early this morning at IA Summit 2008. His talk, titled Journey to the Center of Design, was funny enough to keep us awake and provocative enough to keep us listening. He opened it up by flatly stating: “User-centered design has never worked.” He went on to talk about [Keep Reading…]

Facebook Chat

Last Sunday, April 6, brought the launch of the long-awaited Facebook Chat. According to TechCrunch, the feature is so far only available to select members. According to Facebook, “we’re rolling this out slowly.” Not entirely surprising given the backlash that has previously occurred when FB releases new stuff without any warning or feedback and then [Keep Reading…]

Bookmarks for 4/10/2008

BlackBerry Curve 8330 launching on Verizon in May – EngadgetI bought the 8830 World Edition in November, but I really want this sucker! Can’t wait Rock Band moshes over to Wii on June 22nd – EngadgetWoo hoo! It’ll be an early birthday present to myself TPN :: The Connections Show » Connections #028 – The [Keep Reading…]