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The process of getting my tweets onto my blog is so ridiculous that I just had to write a post about it. I essentially took notes using Twitter during the IA Summit, and wanted to post recaps for each session I attended on my blog. Tweets are listed in the archive in reverse chronological order [Keep Reading…]


Uh oh… I’m in twubble… Dave Malouf shared a cool link today. It’s a (new?) “People you may know” tool for Twitter. This was a great tip for me since I’d recently written about the topic. Twubble finds the most common people your Twitter friends are following (who you aren’t). The scan starts when you [Keep Reading…]

IA Summit 2008: “Checking for feel of your UI with an interaction audit”

I always love hearing case studies from client-vendor partnerships. In “Checking the feel of your UI with an interaction audit,” Josh Damon Williams from Hot Studio presented the work his company did with Peter Stahl‘s user experience team at eBay. Twitter notes here: Peter Stahl separates feel from the phrase “look and feel” — it’s [Keep Reading…]

IA Summit 2008: “Designing with Patterns in the Real World: Lessons from Yahoo! and Comcast”

Christian Crumlish of Yahoo! and Austin Govella of Comcast joined together at this year’s IA Summit to discuss their use of design patterns. Here are my Twitter notes: Christian Crumlish: Starting off with Christopher Alexander’s “A Pattern Language” Reference to Jennifer Tidwell’s “Designing Interfaces” Yahoo’s Pattern Library (which Christian curates) launched in 2005. Article by [Keep Reading…]

IA Summit 2008: Todd Zaki Warfel’s “Data Driven Design Research Personas”

Todd Zaki Warfel of MessageFirst had a completely different presentation style than the rest of the presenters at IA Summit. His talk, titled “Data Driven Design Research Personas,” was more of a conversation than a lecture. He was down the center aisle most of the time asking people questions about their experiences with user research [Keep Reading…]

IA Summit 2008: Nathan Curtis’s “Audiences & Artifacts”

Nathan Curtis of EightShapes asked a very simple question, “Why don’t we spend more time designing our deliverables?” My Twitter notes are below: How do we produce deliverables better, faster? Audience: execs, PMs, strategists, visual designers, Dev, QA, copywriters, us Artifacts: strategy, concept model, map, flow, storyboard, wireframe, spec, mockup, style guide Wow. Great matrix [Keep Reading…]

IA Summit 2008: “Presence, identity and attention in social web architecture”

Christian Crumlish hosted a panel on “Presence, identity, and attention in social web architecture” starring Andrew Hinton, Andrew Crow, Gene Smith and the crazy/incredible Christina Wodtke who’d had back surgery earlier in the week but was determined to make it to IA Summit. The topic is very timely and each of the panelists had some [Keep Reading…]