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The first Whit Hour was a success

Last night from 9-10pm Eastern Time I hosted my first Whit Hour — a new weekly video chat in which I answer people’s questions about user experience, consulting, and anything else they ask.

I had an absolute blast and surprisingly talked non-stop — not something I’m particularly comfortable with, but there were just so many great questions! Thank you so so much to everyone who participated. I hope you got as much out of it as I did.

My weekly chats will be hosted at http://tinychat.com/whitney password: whithour. TinyChat is an awesome service, but we discovered last night that having several people broadcasting video at once really slows everything down. Sadly I wasn’t able to record the session, and it was 20 minutes into the hour before my stream looked and sounded great. Hey, you live and you learn.

Next week I’ll be the only one broadcasting (eesh!) and I’ll be sure to record the hour so I can post it here on the blog.

Check out what folks had to say about Whit Hour:

Join me next week, Sunday, August 9, 9-10pm Eastern Time, and bring your questions!

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