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Photo of the day: How to make the perfect egg cream

This photo was taken at the famous Junior’s Restaurant in Brooklyn on my first date with Orian. God what he must have thought when I eagerly pulled out my camera to snap this pic. I’m on a date with a chick who takes photos of her food? If it weren’t for that milkshake I might never have gotten my first kiss, so I’m pretty glad I ordered it. That was five months ago today (God, I’m such a girl).

The milkshake came in an egg cream glass and it struck me because it had instructions for how to make the perfect egg cream right on the glass, forever ending the age-old debate about which goes in first — the syrup or the milk.

First, fill to the bottom yellow line with Fox’s u-bet chocolate syrup. Then fill to the white line with milk. Then top off the glass with seltzer. And there you have it — the perfect egg cream.

Buy the Complete Brooklyn Egg Cream kit (includes 2 bottles of Fox’s U-Bet Fountain Syrup, 2 Official Junior’s Egg Cream Recipe Glasses, 2 Stainless-Steel Mixing Spoons, and Brooklyn Egg Cream Kit “Owner’s Manual”). You’ll get to make yourself a fountain drink anytime you want, the right way. After all, you never know where one might lead.

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  • livlab

    That is just too cute. <3 disguised as UX critique! ;)

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    Hey there, thanks for posting this, I will order it next time I go out with my hubby!